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'See You in San Diego' Celebrates Comic-Con as a State of Mind

We chat with author Mathew Klickstein about his new San Diego Comic-Con oral history and consider how geek culture became...culture.

Geek culture? Nope. Just culture. The evidence is all around you. In this week's episode, we're joined by author Mathew Klickstein talking about his new book, See You in San Diego: An Oral History of Comic-Con, Fandom, and the Triumph of Geek Culture.

Klickstein's massive tome is a beast of a feast, and one not only San Diego Comic-Con obsessives will enjoy. Inside, you'll find numerous wild characters. Yes, folks like Neil Gaiman, Kevin Smith, and Scott Aukerman are present, but wait until you meet cats like Mike Towry, Bjo Trimble, and Scott Shaw! Hovering over (or haunting) everything are titanic figures like Jack Kirby and Shel Dorf. See You in San Diego is an incredible time capsule exploring the nature of fandom and how it created a mighty need for conventions like the one held in San Diego.

See You in San Diego began its life as a podcast series co-produced and directed by Mathew Klickstein. We highly recommend giving his Comic-Con Begins a listen (you can find it HERE). In the podcast, you can hear these interviews come to life, and it works as a wonderful companion piece to the book, which tremendously expands on the audio format by providing endless photos and art pieces. Scott Shaw!'s XXX Jack Kirby homage must be seen, unless you're easily scandalized. You've been warned.

Keep track of Mathew Klickstein through his Website, and See You In Sand Diego is now available from Fantagraphics.

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