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Morpheus Explained: 'Sandman: Endless Nights' Chapter Three

We're reading the iconic graphic novel one chapter at a time, one episode at a time, and we've hit a doozy.

Sandman Endless Nights Chapter Three

Welcome to our Sleepwalking Through Sandman, our reoccurring Patreon podcast series, where we work through Neil Gaiman's epic, one issue at a time, one episode at a time. In this entry, we're discussing Sandman: Endless Nights Chapter Three. Listen to the unedited audio HERE.


Never before has Neil Gaiman explored so early along the Sandman timeline. As the realization hit us, an intense glee swam across our skin. Lore, baby lore. We love it. Three chapters into Sandman: Endless Nights, and we're finding it more and more challenging to resist pushing further into the book. We've made a pact, however, that's the game we're playing with you dear Lovebird.

We're not even halfway through the graphic novel, and we've already reached our beloved Dream. Why do you think Gaiman chose this point in the story to delve into some severe Morpheus backstory? It's a critical chapter, with significant ties to the greater DC Comics Universe and revealing the origins of Morpheus and Desire's animosity.

Now, three chapters in, Sandman: Endless Nights seriously colors our experience with Neil Gaiman's epic. When re-reading, we will have his longing for Killalla at the forefront of our imaginations. We will carry the panel in which he turns away from her, embracing Sto-Oa front of mind. Frankly, we were not expecting Neil Gaiman to offer a tale so narratively impactful.

Also, we're wondering if we'll ever be able to look at Superman again without seeing Despair teasing his creation to Rao. Hot damn, what a delight that was. But not THE Delight. Ah! We finally get to meet her too.

The conversation we had around Sandman: Endless Nights chapter three is chaotic. The short story is a lot to process, and our tiny first-time-reader minds can barely contain it. You'll hear us rambling and struggling through the chapter as if this were an early episode of Sleepwalking Through Sandman. Have fun with us, but we eagerly await (and need) your comments.

Sandman: Endless Nights Chapter Three Credits

Sandman: Endless Nights was published by DC Comics in 2003. Chapter Two was written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Miguelanxo Prado, lettered by Todd Klein, group edited by Jeb Woodard, edited by Scott Nybakken. Characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg.

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