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Reading 'Sandman: Endless Nights' One Chapter at a Time

We're devouring the iconic twenty-one-year-old graphic novel one chapter at a time, one episode at a time.

Sandman Endless Nights Chapter One Death

In some ways, Sandman: Endless Nights is the comic we've been waiting for since we began our "Sleepwalking Through Sandman" Patreon series, selfishly craving more insight into Dream's strange and compelling siblings. Published seven years after Neil Gaiman and pals completed the original Sandman epic, Endless Nights revisits the universe from a place of total confidence. Not in storytelling prowess, although we must imagine that Gaiman believed himself to be a confident scribe, but in Gaiman's confidence in the tale itself. He is a storyteller who fully knows his story. As readers who've slowly become Sandman obsessives over these past few years, it is delicious.

Sandman: Endless Nights was originally published in one fat chunk. It has seven chapters featuring seven Endless. Reading it all at once is tempting, but not in the spirit of our Patreon series. Instead, we will tackle the seven chapters one episode at a time, one Endless at a time. Meaning, this week's conversation focuses exclusively on Death's introductory yarn. Star listening by CLICKING HERE.

Without spoiling too much, we think it's fair to alert you, lovely Lovebirds, that we adored Endless Nights Chapter One, "Death and Venice." It scratches all our favorite Sandman itches and has us delving into ourselves and naming our anxieties. Most surprisingly, Endless Nights operates perfectly as an introductory Sandman story. Whether you've read all seventy-five Sandman issues that came before or not, you'll enjoy it profoundly.

So, if you're a Patreon subscriber who has yet to dip into our "Sleepwalking Through Sandman" series but is curious about how these things go, our Sandman: Endless Nights episodes might be a great place to dive in. Just sayin.'

We're so happy to be back in Sandman as 2024 kicks off. These have been some of our favorite Patreon episodes, and we love interacting with everyone in the comments sections. Keep those beautiful insights coming. We not only thrive on them, we need them.

Sandman: Endless Nights Chapter One Credits

Sandman: Endless Nights was published by DC Comics in 2003. Chapter One was written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by P. Craig Russell, colored by Lovern Kindzierski, lettered by Todd Klein, group edited by Jeb Woodard, edited by Scott Nybakken. Characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg.

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