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For Matt Kindt, There Is No Better Hype Man Than His Mother

We chat with Matt Kindt and Margie Kraft Kindt about their new cozy mystery collaboration, Gilt Frame.

Matt Kindt Margie Kraft Kindt Gilt Frame

When it comes to cool collaborators, Matt Kindt has had quite a few. He partnered with CBCC all-star Matt Lesniewski on Crimson Flower. He and David Rubin gave us the blazing sci-fi adventure Ether. And with Ron Garney and Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt birthed the This Is Spinal Tap version of Conan the Barbarian. Don't deny it: BRZRKR is proudly cranked to eleven.

The partner from Hollywood might attract the most mainstream attention, and it's an alliance that may have paved the way for Kindt's most crucial collaborator yet -- his mother. As a lifelong fan of whodunits, Margie Kraft Kindt has already taken it upon herself to scribble some stories, but she wasn't sure she could manage one with her son. However, the collaborative style Matt Kindt established with Keanu Reeves on BRZRKR cracked the code on how he would work with Margie. With a process in place, Gilt Frame, the latest entry under the Dark Horse Comics imprint Flux House, flew out of them pretty quickly.

Their story focuses on a somewhat different but kind of similar familial dynamic between an aunt and a nephew. Sam and Mary have already built a reputation as dynamite detectives, solving cases that span the globe. They're due for a little Parisian vacation, but fate won't allow it and drops a body at their feet. Back on the case, they get to work.

The Matt Kindt Margie Kraft Kindt Gilt Frame Hang Out

Having recently spoken with father-son duo Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips about their unique creative relationship, it was a joy to explore a very different collaboration with Matt Kindt and Margie Kraft Kindt. Even more exciting, the conversation occurs just as the two of us, husband-and-wife creative partners Brad and Lisa Gullickson, complete their first comics work for Pots and Panels: The Comic Cook Book Anthology. What's obvious is that there is no right way to make a comic.

This week's podcast begins with celebrating the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' 40th Anniversary as we describe our pilgrimage to Dover, New Hampshire, the site of the original Mirage Studios. We discuss the various TMNT landmarks we witnessed, the comic book shops we visited, the fights we had, and the comic script we wrote while there. If you haven't clocked it already, our theme for this episode is collaboration.

Gitl Frame will be available in comic shops on August 7th. Our conversation is process-focused and spoiler-free. Press play with pleasure. Also, ensure you follow Matt Kindt on Twitter, Instagram, and his Website.

As always, Omnibus, the Digital Comic Store and Reader, sponsors our Referrals segment. This week, we selected two comic book titles on the site that satisfy this episode's themes. We won't spoil what they are here, but if you click the links below, you'll be immediately escorted to those books.

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