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Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson Make Dystopian Joy in 'Justice Warriors'

We chat with the Pulitzer Prize finalist and Adult Swim filmmaker about their sci-fi satire Justice Warriors.

You got comedy in my dystopia! You got dystopia in my comedy! Two great tastes that taste great together! In our latest Creator Cranny conversation, we chat with Pulitzer Prize finalist Matt Bors and Adult Swim filmmaker Ben Clarkson about their righteously hilarious buddy cop sci-fi satire, Justice Warriors.

The new book from Ahoy Comics is a viciously funny tale about two Bubble City law enforcers maintaining the peace of the Uninhabited Zone. At the same time, their mayor desperately tries to up his album sales. Prepare yourselves before entering these pages, as what you'll find within is painfully silly and horrifyingly recognizable as our own dystopian present. Justice Warriors sparked a fire in us, and we were more than excited to have Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson in our Love Nest continuing to stoke the flames.

Justice Warriors is one of our favorite comics of 2023. The book is biting, absurd, and frickin' hysterical, and the art is astonishingly beautiful. Gaze upon these panels and marvel. Ben Clarkson tortured himself to put these characters and hyper-detailed backgrounds together. Justice Warriors is busting with visual gags, demanding a second, third, and fourth read.

In this conversation, we explore the nature of speaking to the moment, the purpose of art, and the many, many influences that fueled Justice Warriors (anyone else remember C.O.P.S., the animated series?). Of course, we never let ourselves get too serious either, and it's impossible with Bors and Clarkson around.

This year has already proven to be an exceptional year for comics, so don't let Justice Warriors slip past your radar. Jump over to the Ahoy Comics website and give these pages a gander. They're irresistible.

Also, follow Matt Bors on Twitter, Instagram, and his Website. Follow Ben Clarkson on Twitter, Instagram, and his Website.

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