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What If...Scott Summers and Jean Grey Returned to CBCC?

We return to the couple that kicked off Comic Book Couples Counseling using Marvel's alternate reality comic book series, What If...?

Are Scott Summers and Jean Grey of the Uncanny X-Men meant to be? Are any of us? Is true love possible? We return to the comic book couple that started it all for us, Cyclops and Marvel Girl/Phoenix as experienced in "A What If Wedding Album." Oh, and is that Wolverine waiting in the wings? You're damn right. Snikt Snikt, Bang Bang.

And if we're returning to Scott and Jean that means we must also return to Gary Chapman and The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. We consider the Love Languages of all parties and how they push these characters to make different choices from their Marvel 616 counterparts.

The Issue Covered in the Episode: "What If..." Volume 2 No. 60, published by Marvel Comics in April 1994. The comic is written by Kurt Busiek, penciled by Ron Randall, inked by Art Nichols, colored by Bob Sharen, and lettered by Janice Chiang.

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