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Episode 200: In Session with Leon and Cody from 'Light Carries On'

We celebrate our milestone episode with Ray Nadine's twisty, beautiful, and unique ghost story.

Light Carries On Episode 200

Episode 200! Light Carries On by Ray Nadine refuses to allow death to get in the way of a little life-changing romance. We go into session with Leon and Cody, two souls in stasis, unsure how to move forward and afraid their future won't hold happiness. Together, they uncover the beauty they're already living or un-living.

You may think you know where Light Carries On will take you, but Ray Nadine blissfully subverts genre convention and delivers a genuinely original ghost story. Only in the last moments does clarity strike, and through Leon and Cody's revelations, we find a few for ourselves as well.

This week, we turn to Dr. Terry Singh's TEDx Talk, "How to Get Unstuck," for expertise and guidance in navigating Leon and Cody's complicated relationship. Throughout our lives, we encounter various moments of stuckness. During these periods, catastrophic doubt and fear can creep inside. Dr. Singh gives us (and our comic book subjects) a few tools to free ourselves.

After nearly five years of Comic Book Couples Counseling, we still find new methods and narratives to unlock self-inspection and create growth. The hope we found within this episode's conversation was rejuvenating. We hope it offers you a similar relief.

Helplines are available if you do not have a support system. You can reach the Mental Health Hotline in Virginia by dialing 1-866-903-3787 or CLICK HERE. Not in Virginia? CLICK HERE.

Light Carries On was released earlier this year and is published by Dark Horse Comics. It's written and illustrated by Ray Nadine, edited by Konner Knudsen, designed by May Hijikuro, and assisted by Digital Art Technician Josie Weaver.

Episode 200 also begins a year-long partnership with Omnibus, the Digital Comic Store and Reader. Each episode from now on will feature our new "Referrals" segment, sponsored by them, where we recommend other comics titles for those wishing to explore this week's themes and concepts further. CLICK HERE to learn more and explore Omnibus' unique, browsable space.

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