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Crashing the Fantastic Four Wedding

In our latest episode on Reed and Sue, we look at the 40th Wedding Anniversary Special and get real vulnerable.

It's wedding bells for The Fantastic Four as Reed Richards, and Sue Storm finally tie the knot. In this week's episode, we dig into Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special Volume 1, Number 1, and tumble into an exhilarating conversation that exposes quite a bit of vulnerability from us by the episode's end. Tears were shed, hearts were opened.

When you sit down and record a podcast, you really don't know what kind of episode you're going to make. You have your notes. You have your ideas and your themes. You have your subjects. But in the conversation, something wildly unpredictable can occur.

This is episode two of four, and already, we're deeply invested in what's going on between Reed and Sue. They're a much more complicated couple than we initially thought, and this week's comic book narrative grabbed us by the hearts and pulled us close. We're now profoundly invested in what goes on with these two lovebirds, and we have a lot of thoughts on how they should behave and treat each other.

Thankfully, we still have Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How to Make Your Life Better (and Other People's Lives Better, Too) as our relationship guide. Gosh, why such a long title? Don't worry; we get into that too. But seriously, Rubin's book gives us a new language to help us understand Reed and Sue as well as ourselves. We think this self-help book will be sticking with us for some time to come.

As we discuss this week, our next episode will be The BIG 100!! Woot! Woot! And to mark the occasion, we wanted to test Reed and Sue's relationship. That means...Civil War. Oh yeah, the major event from the mid-aughts ripped the Fantastic Four apart and nearly destroyed Reed and Sue's marriage. It's a momentous time for the couple and should provide another unique conversational experience between the two of us.

We still don't know what our fourth Fantastic Four episode will be. How do we say goodbye to Reed and Sue? We're not sure. Help us out. Let us know what comic you think would be best to cover as we close our conversation on Reed, Sue, and the rest of the Fantastic Four. Please email us at or Tweet us @CBCCPodcast.


The issue covered in this episode: "Fantastic Four: The Wedding Special" Volume 1, No. 1, written by Karl Kesel, penciled by Drew Johnson, inked by Kesel, Drew Geraci, & Andrew Hennessy, colored by Morry Hollowell, and lettered by Dave Lanphear. Cover by Gene Ha.

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