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Exclusive Sneak Preview: Dark Spaces - Good Deeds

We take a peek at the IDW sequel anthology series that began with Scott Snyder's 'Wildfire.'

Last year, Scott Snyder and IDW Publishing partnered for the first time and delivered the wickedly tense heist thriller, Dark Spaces: Wildfire. The story of an all-female inmate firefighting program debating whether to shirk their duties for one last score served as the launching pad for an entire Dark Spaces anthology line. We've known for a while that Good Deeds would act as a direct follow-up, but now we have more information and some delicious process pages to ponder.

Each entry in the Dark Spaces series will feature a standalone story written and illustrated by creators handpicked by Snyder. For Good Spaces, Brooklyn-based filmmaker Che Grayson and Joan Jett and the Blackhearts artist Kelsey Ramsay join the party. Together, they're looking to unleash a story to equal Wildfire's stressful, character-driven adventure, but beyond that, Good Deeds will be its own thing. And that thing, by the way, will be grotesquely, obsessively spooky. We are here for it.

Here's the basic plot synopsis provided by IDW:

"Dark Spaces: Good Deeds follows a mother, Rebecca, and her teenage daughter Cheyenne after they move to the historic town of St. Augustine, Florida. Cheyenne finds it hard to make friends in the towns’ close-knit community where outsiders feel unwelcome. As members of the town begin to die mysteriously one by one, Cheyenne and Rebecca find themselves in the middle of a 200-year-old secret that’s slowly unveiling itself."

In addition to sending over the general narrative, IDW Publishing gave us access to several ink and color process pages showing off Kelsey Ramsay's expressive characterization and moody paneling.


Dark Spaces: Good Deeds will run six issues, with the first hitting comic shops on May 17th. Final Order Cutoff (FOC) is April 10th. The first issue will feature covers by Kelsey Ramsay, Elizabeth Beals, Hayden Sherman, and Martin Marazzo.


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