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Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing Give Clayface His Horrid Close-up

We chat with the creators about Basil Karlo's Hollywood horror show and why artistic integrity is a monster.

INT. CLAYFACE - DAY/NIGHT/WHATEVER. There are two wolves (desperation and artistic integrity) tearing into each other. The disgraced Basil Karlo will do anything to get his face (or someone else's face atop his face) on the screen again. Unfortunately, even after cheating and slaughtering his way to his goal, Karlo's damn creative principles threaten to ruin his bright lights, big city dreams.

Batman: One Bad Day - Clayface #1 is a sensational trip into the murderous mudsliding thespian's soul. Told brilliantly and empathically by the writing duo Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, the DC Comics one-shot offers an authentic and horrific insight into the creative pursuit. Considering our own history of artistic failure and success, Kelly and Lanzing tap into something deeply personal, delivering a dreadfully relatable Hollywood saga.

Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing join us this week to discuss their passion for the shapeshifting monster and how they found themselves in Clayface's agonizing artistic integrity. Their One Bad Day slides perfectly alongside the rest of the DC Comics line exploring Batman's many rogues but also stands out as something brutally additive. Their Clayface is the one many of us first encountered in Batman: The Animated Series, but speaking to the moment, the right now.

Batman: One Bad Day - Clayface #1 takes on power imbalance culture and the poison that infects the eager, and the desperate. We chat about their own La La Land experiences and whether they took this opportunity as a moment of exorcism. We also dive into Xermánico's insanely rich illustrations fueling the narrative, as well as those evocative colors provided by Romulo Fajardo Jr. How could you not, right? This comic is gorgeous.

Continue this conversation with Collin Kelly by following his Twitter. Track down Jackson Lanzing via his Twitter and Instagram. Most importantly, seek out Batman: One Bad Day - Clayface #1, now available wherever fine comic books are sold.


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