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Episode 150! André Lima Araújo and Brian Michael Bendis on 'Phenomena'

We celebrate our anniversary alongside two of the industry's most powerful talents, discussing their wildly strange adventure comic.

Episode 150! "Not an apocalypse...something far more interesting." André Lima Araújo and Brian Michael Bendis celebrate our 150th episode by providing an immensely eclectic conversation discussing their new all-ages sci-fi adventure saga, Phenomena: The Golden City of Eyes.

These two creators are two great tastes that taste great together despite their frequently contradictory points of view. As you'll hear, Araújo and Bendis see the world quite differently, but their opposing sensibilities unleash something utterly unique through the collaborative process.

Phenomena: The Golden City of Eyes is the first part of a trilogy published by Abrams ComicArts. It's a rollicking adventure set in a future where our world has...changed. Three wanderers (Bolden, Spike, and Matilde) stumble into each other and reluctantly form a bond while attempting to unravel the mystery of the titular city.

Bendis provides a bubbly, naturalistic voice to Araújo's stark yet hyper-realized illustration. You've probably experienced numerous comics from both parties, but we promise you've never seen anything from either of them like Phenomena. The comic is a heap of contradictions: joyous yet harrowing, fluffy but deadly serious. At the center, Araújo and Bendis suggest an urgent reckoning with storytelling, an art form we too often take for granted.

Phenomena: The Golden City of Eyes hits book shelves everywhere on 9/13. All you have to do is turn the cover. Panel one will ensnare your attention.

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150 episodes. After completing our first pod, we could not have imagined that this latest one would feature André Lima Araújo and Brian Michael Bendis. Ultimate Spider-Man is an essential comic in our relationship, and in many ways, this podcast would not exist without it. Crazy.

It's hard to express our gratitude to you, the listener. You've been with us for three years now. You've kept the podcast going, and the podcast has kept us going. Thank you.

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