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Top of the Hump: Best Comics 5/15/24

We've read this week's books and picked a few of our favorites.

Best Comics 5/15/24

Top of the Hump is a new weekly column where we select our two favorite comics of the week. This Wednesday, we're celebrating Godzilla's 70th anniversary, Doom's endless battle, the Principals of Necromancy, and more. Behold, the Best Comics of 5-15-24.


This week's pickings are a little slimmer than last, but several titles still stuck out as absolute bangers. We're crossing our fingers that your local comic book store has a few of the issues below set aside for you, as they may require a little more help getting the Wednesday Warrior spotlight. The other two are probably already in your pullboxes, as they're doing great work with two all-timer franchises. 


Best Comics 5/15/24: Armored 1

Best Comics 5/15/24 Armored 1
Image Credit © 2024 Clover Press

The pitch sells the comic. Armored is about an orphan and his haunted suit of medieval armor. We can't possibly imagine a reader who's not already invested. Earlier in the week, we spoke with writer Michael Schwartz about the passion it took to manifest this comic and the equal passion required to sell it. He's put all of himself into the book, and it shines from every panel. And what panels these are, beautifully watercolored by Ismael Hernandez. Armored is reminiscent of your favorite childhood adventure stories but never falls into a nostalgia pit. The first issue is packed with mystery and will have you anxiously waiting for the next. 8/10


Best Comics 5/15/24: Doom

Best Comics 5/15/24 Doom
Image Credit © 2024 Marvel Comics

Sanford Greene and Jonathan Hickman: art, plot, and script. That's another easy sell. These two virtuosic talents give their attention to Marvel's first Great villain, Victor Von Doom, and the sharp philosophy he wields and how it will fight for us when our end seems inevitable. The story features Galactus on another one of his planetary pub crawls and Valerie Richards, the smartest member of the Fantastic Four. Greene illustrates this must-read one-shot as if it were his final statement, but thank goodness for us that it most certainly is not. The colors by Greene and Rachelle Rosenberg equally rip; we want every page screenprinted and mounted on our walls. 9/10


Best Comics 5/15/24: Godzilla 70th Anniversary Special

Best Comics 5/15/24 Godzilla
Image Credit © 2024 IDW Publishing

Another week, another killer anthology from IDW Publishing. Godzilla turns 70, and IDW pulls out the big guns for its massive one-shot celebration. We're mostly here for the James Stokoe starter, which takes place in the middle of his iconic Half-Century War saga, following the poor souls forced into clean-up duties after the Big G sprays Hedorah's guts all over Turkey. It's a tough, long, horrible job, but somebody must endure "The Half-Century Bore." LOL. The rest of the one-shot is populated with an eclectic array of tales and tones of those that would perfectly live in the Godzilla Minus One universe or the Millenium era. It showcases what you can do with Tokyo's number one kaiju. 8.5/10


Best Comics 5/15/24: The Principals of Necromancy 2

Best Comics 5/15/24 The Principles of Necromancy 2
Image Credit © 2024 Magma Comix

Full disclosure: We're buds with artist Eamon Winkle. That's got to come with a little bias, but we legitimately believe he's one of the most exciting new talents in comics, and each issue of The Principles of Necromancy is all the evidence we need of that fact. Sure, he's absolutely aided by the Hivemind, aka writers Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly, who are spinning a grotesque story about a doctor with too much terrible knowledge. Issue 2 sees Dr. Jakob Eyes gain a nurse after his talents marvel her regarding the rescue of her dying mother. The two get on like worms in dead flesh until the girl uncovers some skeletons in Doc's, basement. The design and illustration in this comic continuously stun with each page turn, and we're eager to witness how much more The Principles of Necromancy can challenge our nerves. This book is going for it. 9/10


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