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Alisa Kwitney Sheds Regret Through Sci-Fi in 'GILT'

We chat with the comic scribe about her latest science fiction adventure and the relief it offers.

Close your eyes. Picture the longest strand of regret dangling in your memory. Want to clip it? What would your life be like if you could go back in time and fix that one annoying problem?

In G.I.L.T. (the Guild of Independent Lady Temporalists), writer Alisa Kwitney proposes the possibility for at least one woman to repair her calamitous history and, in the process, drop an unwitting sidekick into the tricky solution as well. The acerbic science fiction adventure from Ahoy Comics is one of the most delightful books of the year. G.I.L.T. triggers passionate conversation between us, and we were honored to have Kwitney on the show to break down our feelings regarding her characters and our own wobbly past. As always, we get vulnerable. Just in time for New Year's!

Done in collaboration with the artist Mauricet, G.I.L.T. challenges societal notions of shame, guilt, and happily ever after. Kwitney tells us how her heroines, Hildy and Trista, allowed her to look backward and inward. The sci-fi engine operates as a cathartic excavation, offering relief to her and a willing reader.

Do we also talk The Sandman? Well, we couldn't have a former Sandman assistant editor on the show and not dish a little about our pal Morpheus. Make sure you stick to the end for that giddy bit of FMK.

Most importantly, seek out G.I.L.T. from Ahoy Comics, available wherever the finest graphic novels are sold. Follow Alisa Kwitney via her Twitterand Website.

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