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Alex Paknadel Smashes Aliens with Tarzan in 'All Against All'

We chat with the scribe about his new book from Image Comics and dive into all its relevant social horror.

Welcome to our Creator Corner, our new reoccurring interview series, where we chat with the coolest and most thought-provoking creators in the comics industry. In this entry, we're conversing with Alex Paknadel about All Against All. Listen to the unedited audio HERE.


It's Aliens meets Tarzan! As far as loglines go, that's a pretty damn good one. All Against All, the new comic from Image and creators Alex Paknadel and Caspar Wijngaard, is as texturally rich as it is thematically. And yes, it does live up to that logline currently being bandied about in press releases. However, maybe that logline is more deceptive than it appears.

In our latest Creator Cranny conversation, we chat with Alex Paknadel about the power of a good logline and its ability to upend the reader's expectations. Paknadel is a thematically forward creator, much to our Lisa's delight, and we dig into the horrifyingly historical elements that transform All Against All into a tight, thrilling, and relevant science-fiction adventure. Morality constantly shifts in a universe where alien Operators harvest Earth-like biological material to form exosuits, armor made for pleasure and warfare.

Possibly one of the most thrilling aspects of this conversation is Paknadel's willingness to deconstruct his creative thought process. He wants to GET INTO IT. Which means, yeah, you might want to hit the books too, exploring a little extracurricular reading around Georges Bataille. It's always a joy to discover a gateway narrative, a story that will send your running into numerous other directions.

All Against All #1 hits comic shelves on December 7th. Tell your shop to throw it in your pull box. Also, be sure to keep track of everything Alex Paknadel has going on via his Twitter (while it lasts, lol).

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