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A 'Sandman' #70 Deep-Dive, Panel by Panel (Plus, an Announcement)

We preview our Patreon 'Sleepwalking Through Sandman' series just as we approach the original comic's climax.

Sandman 70 The Wake

For two years, we've discussed The Sandman on our Patreon, one episode at a time, one issue at a time. Periodically, we've dropped certain conversations into the main Comic Book Couples Counseling podcast feed, but it's been a while. Since we're nearly reaching the end of Neil Gaiman's original 75-issue run, we felt compelled to pull a Patreon conversation to all our wonderful listeners' attention.

Our "Sleepwalking Through Sandman" Patreon series is an extremely vulnerable experience for us. Lisa read these comics in college, but her memory is foggy and mutated by time. For whatever reason, Brad never read The Sandman when it was initially on comic shop stands. Now, every week, we stumble through this iconic comic book series, desperately trying to absorb what Gaiman and his astonishing collaborators put down on the page.

Frequently, we interpret things way off base, but thankfully, our Patrons guide us along and clue us into what we're missing. The result is episodes unlike any other shows Comic Book Couples Counseling produces. We're pretty darn proud of them.

Sandman 70 is the beginning of the end. Is it an epilogue, or is it the climax? Panel by panel, we debate the possibilities as we approach the original Sandman's final issues. A small select group gathers within the Dreaming to pay their last respects to Morpheus while a new (?) Dream works on rebuilding what was lost during the battle with the Furies.

For as little as $1 a month (or $12 a year), you can access all our Sandman episodes and hundreds of other bonus podcasts. After finishing our Sandman #70 conversation, you can jump right on into our Sandman #71 conversation, already posted in our Patreon feed HERE.

In this episode, we also announce a new Patreon podcast series. It's a show concept we don't see anywhere else online, and we think our listeners will be excited about it. Stay tuned for more information, and join up before San Diego Comic-Con if you want access to that particular comic book party.

Sandman 70 Credits and Links

Sandman 70 was published by DC Comics with a cover date of August 1995. It's written by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Michael Zulli, colored by Daniel Vozzo, seps by Digital Chameleon, lettered by Todd Klein, edited by Karen Berger, associated by Shelly Roeberg, and features a cover by Dave McKean. Sandman created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg.


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