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'Beta Ray Bill' #5 is a Podcast Emergency

Daniel Warren Johnson delivers another emotionally catastrophic climax that left us reeling so much that we had to call a Podcast Emergency into session.

Whoa. This comic hit hard gang. Given past Daniel Warren Johnson comics, that's not surprising. However, the manner in which it smashed our hearts was still a shock. Beta Ray Bill brings his quest to a close, and he can now proudly face the man in the mirror. Or can he?

After finishing the comic, we weren't sure what we were feeling. All we knew is that we had to work it out on the podcast. Before we were even out of bed on Wednesday, we had agreed to call this Emergency Podcast into session. Only through conversation could we work out these troubling feelings and come to a greater appreciation for exactly what Johnson has accomplished in this incredible mini-series.

Have you yet to partake in the comic? Be warned; we're going full-spoilers in this chat. Tread with caution. However, if you've already devoured the feast Johnson's prepared, dive in happily, and be sure to provide your thoughts by shooting them our way. Our Twitter DMs are always open, and our email hungers for your comments. Shoot them our way.

And don't forget, we've already talked with Johnson about the four issues that dropped right before this one. Be sure to listen to that conversation. We're certainly going to re-listen to it now that we've gobbled up Beta Ray Bill #5. And, yeah, we may have to rewatch HOOK again too.


Beta Ray Bill # 5

Writer and Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson

Colorer: Mike Spicer

Letterer: VC's Joe Sabino with Johnson

Synopsis: BILL VS. SURTUR IN THE EPIC FINALE! Beta Ray Bill and his allies must fight the ultimate battle against Surtur, the fire god responsible for the destruction of Bill’s home planet! It’s going to take an eminent amount of power to defeat this foe! But with his goals in sight, is Bill ready to pay the cost required to return to his former self?


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